Clear Conscience Campaigns to Combat Glass Waste in Jamaica

St. James, Jamaica, Smilozone Cares, an innovative environmental non-profit based in Montego Bay, St. James, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking initiative “Clear Conscience”, a nationwide glass recycling and glass waste reducing campaign. 


As of July 18th, 2023, within a month of its start date in June 2023, 55,000 pounds of glass waste have been collected, sorted and exported for recycling into new bottles. Executive Director Carlton Bartley expressed, “We are thrilled to launch the ‘Clear Conscience’ campaign to address the pressing issue of glass waste in our country. Glass is an infinitely recyclable material, and by diverting it from landfills and giving it a new life, we can significantly reduce our environmental impact and create opportunities.”


Glass waste has long been a significant environmental concern, due to its slow decomposition, occupying valuable space in landfills and posing a threat to ecosystems. The collected glass will be crushed and recycled to create new glass products and a portion of the waste will also go to upcycling initiatives such as the creation of underwater sculptures at marine parks to create marine habitat which will aid in coral reef restoration.


“With the completion of our first major milestone, the exportation of 55,000 pounds of glass waste, Clear Conscience is making a significant impact on glass waste reduction and the conservation of natural resources. By repurposing glass, we are conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and helping build a circular economy,” Bartley noted. 

Clear Conscience initiative’s multifaceted approach to recycling involves an intensive educational awareness campaign and developing a formal infrastructure that provides convenient drop-off locations or collection services. This will create job opportunities for individuals to work in these collection and sorting facilities and to sort glass waste dumped in local landfills and other areas. 

Looking ahead, Clear Conscience aims to expand across the island, increase glass recycling awareness, and establish additional collection points throughout the country. Additionally, project will divert at least 10,000,000 pounds of glass waste away from our landfills and ecosystems within the first year.


Michael Thomas Marketing & PR Director proudly states, “We’re on a mission to revolutionize recycling in Jamaica. It’s not just about recycling glass; it’s about igniting a change in mindset. By promoting the idea of sustainability and responsible waste management, we aim to inspire a generation that sees recycling not as an obligation but as an opportunity to safeguard our beautiful island home.”


Smilozone Cares’ transformative project has and continues to receive incredible support for its sustainable goals from individuals and businesses, volunteers, and community members in Montego Bay and across the island. 


The non-profit organization encourages individuals, businesses, and communities across Jamaica to clear their conscience by joining the “I Care” movement and make a tangible difference in reducing glass waste, preserving the beauty of our nation and contributing to a cleaner, greener Jamaica. 


For more information about Clear Conscience and how you can get involved, please visit our website at Follow us on social media @smilozonecares on IG & FB for the latest updates and recycling tips.


About Smilozone Cares:

We are a leading environmental non-profit dedicated to promoting sustainability and environmental conservation through community engagement. With a mission to create a positive impact on Jamaica and the wider Caribbean, we actively work towards implementing innovative solutions towards environmental challenges.


Media Contact:

Michael Thomas

Marketing & PR Director

Smilozone Cares 

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Waste Reduction in Jamaica’s Tourism Industry: Paving the way for a sustainable paradise

Jamaica, renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, has long been a top destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable Caribbean experience. As tourism flourishes, so does the responsibility to protect the very beauty that attracts visitors from far and wide. Embracing sustainability and waste reduction initiatives, Jamaica’s tourism industry is taking significant strides towards preserving its natural treasures and building a greener tomorrow.


The Challenge of Tourism Waste: A Call for Action

With an increasing number of tourists exploring the island’s sun-kissed beaches and lush rainforests, the tourism industry faces a pressing challenge – waste management. From single-use plastics to excess food waste, the environmental toll of hospitality and leisure activities cannot be ignored. However, in the spirit of sustainability, Jamaica’s tourism sector has risen to the occasion, recognizing the importance of responsible waste reduction.


Leading the Change: Collaboration with Waste Management Experts

Enterprising partnerships between Jamaica’s tourism establishments and waste management experts have become the catalyst for transformation. Leading the charge, Smilozone Waste Management & Recycling in association with Smilozone Cares, has spearheaded initiatives to collect and recycle waste generated by the tourism industry.


Comprehensive Waste Collection Solutions

Through strategic planning and innovative waste collection solutions, Smilozone has implemented efficient waste segregation and recycling programs. Hotels, resorts, and tourist destinations now have access to tailor-made waste disposal solutions, ensuring that recyclable materials are diverted away from landfills and put to good use.


Raising Awareness: Engaging Tourists and Businesses

Beyond waste collection, education lies at the core of driving meaningful change. Smilozone collaborates with tourism establishments to raise awareness among their guests about the importance of sustainable waste practices. Informative materials and recycling guidelines are provided to promote active participation in waste reduction efforts.


Innovating Towards a Greener Future

As Jamaica’s tourism industry strides towards a more sustainable future, innovation becomes the driving force. Smilozone continues to explore cutting-edge recycling technologies, aiming to make waste reduction an integral part of Jamaica’s tourism experience.


Together Towards Sustainability

Jamaica’s journey towards waste reduction in the tourism industry is a testament to the collective effort of businesses, travelers, and waste management partners. By embracing sustainable practices, the island’s tourism sector sets a shining example for other destinations worldwide.

With a shared vision of preserving Jamaica’s natural paradise, [Your Waste Management Company Name] remains dedicated to working hand-in-hand with the tourism industry, propelling Jamaica towards a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information on our sustainable waste management solutions and our work with Jamaica’s tourism industry, please contact:

Michael Thomas

Marketing & PR Director

Smilozone Cares 

+876 478 8389