Green Globe Auditing

Green Globe Auditing is available for all those who have are currently signed for Green Globe Membership. Organizations may wish to select auditing services from Smilozone. This may be in the form of a gap assessment audit ( for beginners) or a certification audit.

Consultations As Needed. Ranges From A Gap Assessment For Beginners To A Full On Certification Audit For Members Wishing To Be Certified.

Health, Safety And Environmental Auditing

We provide environmental, health and safety auditing services for small, medium and large organizations. Whether you are preparing for an inspection or certification, we provide third party environment, health and safety auditing services. Clients sign up for auditing and you receive an audit report. Audits may be sepcific to a aprticular area (documentation, training, kitchen, restroom, rooms) or may extend to the entire organization.

Duration Of Audits May Vary Based On The Site, Size Of The Organization And The Type Of Audit.